A Penny For A Soul

Give it up, you’ve lost the game,

A soul for a penny, that’s how it’s played.

A single penny means life or death

Scream darkened mouths with hardened breath.

Keep on playing, you’ll never lose,

My mouth is free but my fingers choose.

Unfortunately it’s not a choice,

Living in copper is your own strangled voice.

When you grow weary from being bound,

I will claw another penny from the ground.

I have quite an extensive coin collection.




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A fighting punch makes us the prey,

The depths, they tear at blood each day.

Wood ores and planks so far and small,

A timely mind has left us all.

With Pressure’s lies and Dark’s embrace,

There gleams a cozy, homey place.

Eyes of light as we are dropped,

Euphoria is a bottomless pit to our time.

Just Nothing


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Just Nothing.

Everlasting the somethings, anythings, everythings.

Outliving time by dying from fiery life,

The Nothingness slumbers along a gray cloud,

A hand-holder to the lost wishes that had

no meaning.

no meaning.

nothing has deduced no meaning

Down to a writhing, blacked out essence

That fills All-But-Nothing with the feeling,

…of nothing.



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This is dedicated to anyone who is fighting personal battles. Love to you all!


A smile wavers with despair

At my legs, stomach, and hair

That are reflected and disrespected

In the very glass that represents my stress.

Recovery seemed like an option, up for adoption,

But now the world’s length in miles will

Travel before me, and unravel once more until

I am cured.

My mind reels with a feeling of hopeless fervor,

But into and out of the darkness seemed too

Convenient and lenient.

Hope helps me cope while a deep craze

Keeps me in a stinky haze while I

Sort out my worries.

Until my beast is secured, I will be

Buried into the very ground,

Hiding, and trying, and looking to fly

Away into the day.

I am a painting in waiting, lusting

For a life devoid of strife, and full of


Sweet, Loving Sadness


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I see you down the winding street,

A face run dry with utter defeat.

I’m running in slow motion up the winding path,

Watching you dwindle in your own terrible wrath.

Getting closer to you, I might just fly,

We’ll pick each other up and float to the sky.

I’d never known true sadness until you appeared,

Giving me the apprehension I have always feared.

But you have to remember that I’m always here for you,

We’re together in the skies, and we know that to be true.

A Perfect Bond


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Two ideas, brought together by the soothing sounds

And images of musical nature.

The silky grasses sway to the rhythm of soft notes,

As do the rest of the plants in this wonderland.

A towering tree, bored in the everlasting silence,

Is brought suddenly to life by dark tones of the double bass,

While the pink and white lilies are caressed by

Fairy-like harp strings being plucked to heaven.

Leaves are left to their graceful ways,

As an elegant chorus of brass and woodwind sound

Envelopes their every fiber and string.

Music and nature, what a strikingly beautiful pair,

Always in melody and harmony as the songs dance on.

City Of Lies


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Under the sparkling windows of new houses,

And the satisfying height of flawless offices,

Lies a place where depressive feelings

And musty miles of cracked sidewalks are common.

Only a few steps away, yet the journey is long

To this old, abandoned city under the rubble.

Miracles, or forms of them, have come and gone,

But the buildings continue to collapse,

Shadows formed and engraved by the past.

This broken city is hidden beneath a fake roof

Of blinding shine and perfect life,

But perfect life has no meaning without depth.

Somewhere inside the city beneath it all,

There is an answer to the crumble,

Though it may stumble, as before.

Somewhere in the shadows, a flower of hope

Blooms from the dusty roads, ready for change.